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CIROS was founded in March 2018 as a student initiative aimed at fostering social cohesion within the IRO student community through a range of academic and non-academic events.

Since then, we have grown to become a registered Student Association within Leiden University, with 10 committees, several clubs, as well as several ongoing projects. We are composed of students from over 25 different nationalities.

Our mission is to build a community that every IRO student can feel a part of.

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Sign up here for our upcoming events! For more information and events, visit our Instagram @ciros.thehague

3.3: Treasure(r) Hunt

Help wanted! The CIROS Constitutional Borrel is soon, and our Treasurer, Ronan is lost!! Help us find him, and he will surely reward you! Sign up with your team, explore the Hague and find Ronan!

6.12: Panel Discussion US Midterm Election

On Tuesday, December 6 at 17.15, an amazing panel of experts will shed light on the recent US Midterm elections.

Together, Dr. Schmidli (assistant professor in US foreign policy and political history), Dr. DiGiuseppe

(assistant professor in international political economy) and Laila Frank (journalist and US political commentator) will try to make sense of the chaos that is US politics. What do the results mean for Biden’s agenda? What is the future of the Republican party? How resilient are the democratic institutions at home? And what stance will the US take abroad?

7.3: IRO-IS Football Match

Do you want to show off your football skills in a match against IS students? This is the event for you! Sign up in the link in the BIO to be part of the CIROS team that will play against BASIS on the 7th of March from 17 in Field in Clingendael.

Our Projects

First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit was created by CIROS to guide you through your Leiden University student experience as smoothly as possible.


Collected stories from the CIROS community

Event Picture Gallery

Here you can find selected photos from out events

Humans of Wijnhaven

Humans of Wijnhaven is a project by CIROS, discovering our Wijnhaven campus one human at a time.

Translation Service

The CIROS translation team is a team of volunteers helping non-dutch speaking students with translating documents, emails and any other content. Any student can apply, with any sort of translation.

Alumni Network

CIROS is making the first steps towards creating a lasting connection to IRO alumni, starting with a special Alumni Newsletter.

My Migration Story

My Migration Story is a video project that shows each IRO (International Relations and Organisations) student’s experience of living and growing up in different countries,

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