CIROS Newsletter – February 2021

The winter break is over, and it’s back to uni and back to work for all of us!

We hope you have all been able to enjoy the holidays as much as possible (COVID measures notwithstanding) and are ready to get back into the uni workflow.

? CIROS General Assembly

This Thursday (04.02.21), we will be having the 2nd CIROS General Assembly of the academic year from 17-19:00 via Zoom.

We have a lot of interesting proposals and important changes on the agenda, so we invite you all to participate.

The agenda for the GA is:

  1. Semester 1 Recap
  2. Budget Update
  3. PR Board Integration
  4. Policy Manual Changes
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. Club Proposals
  7. Sport Committee: Name Change
  8. Election Schedule


  • All CIROS members are able to vote on Policy Manual changes, club proposals, and any other agenda points. The voting link will be made available during the GA via the Zoom chat. As every member is only allowed to vote once, we will check your information with our member database. The voting will be open for 48 hours.
  • If you are not a CIROS member, you will not be able to vote on the agenda points, but we welcome you to still attend and ask questions.

?️ If you are not a member, but you want to be able to vote, there is still time to become a member via our website.

All our members have received an email with the GA agenda, as well as a summary of the policy manual changes. This will give you enough time to look through everything beforehand and if you have any questions we will answer them during the GA. Please check your Spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox! ?

? Upcoming Events and Initiatives

The GA is not all we’re planning this month, and our committees have been busy preparing events for you to enjoy this month.

♻️ E-Waste February

Have you ever wondered why can’t you simply throw old batteries and printer cartridges into the regular trash? Do you know how to properly dispose of an old laptop or phone in the Netherlands?

This month, the Goodwill Committee will address the issue of e-waste disposal. Why? First, as international students, we were struggling with finding out how electronic waste management works in The Hague. Second and more importantly, the toxic substances in electronic waste can destroy entire landscapes in developing countries if not recycled properly.

Therefore, we prepared online guest lectures, video tutorials, and quizzes about e-waste, recycling, and circular economy, so to help as much as possible our environment! Stay tuned for all the events coming up!

? Fit Week

The CIROS Sports Committee has prepared a week of active and informative events to keep you going strong, even during a lockdown. From running initiatives and workouts to panel discussions and quizzes, there’s no shortage of fit and fun events coming your way.

Be sure to keep an eye on our socials for more information in the coming days.

? Study Groups

The First Years and Student Support Committees are working together to bring back study groups for blocks 3 & 4 for 1st and 2nd-year students.

Do you want a little extra help with your courses, or just prefer to work and study in a group? Then this offering is perfect for you.

Again, please keep an eye on our social media for more information soon.

? Updates and Announcements:

? Graduation Committee

  • We are very happy to announce that the CIROS Graduation Committee is now up and running. Under the leadership of Vera, this committee will work on making the upcoming IRO Graduation as good as it can possibly be, and is in charge of the CIROS Graduation Book and special graduation merchandise.
  • If you have any ideas you would like to propose the graduation committee, you can reach them at

? COVID-19 Measures

  • The Netherlands has been in ‘hard’ lockdown since mid-December, and more recently also under a 21:00 curfew. A comprehensive overview of all measures can be found here.The most important changes since last month are:
    • Since the 23rd of January, you are not allowed to leave the house between 21:00 and 4:30.
      • If you do, you will be fined 95€
    • It is still mandatory to present a negative PCR test before travelling to the Netherlands.
      • Travellers from certain countries such as the UK are not permitted to enter the Netherlands. For all travel restrictions and rules, please check here.
    • Work from home as much as possible.
    • The wearing of masks is now mandatory inside public places, as well as public transport.
      • If you do not wear a mask, you risk a fine of 95€!
      • See here for more information on where you must wear a mask.
    • You may now receive a maximum of one guest at home per day.
    • Groups in public may not exceed two people unless they are from the same household.
    • In line with the hard lockdown, most indoor places remain closed.
    • Please click here for a complete overview of all current COVID-19 rules.

? Office Hours

The Board is having office hours again this block!

We will be opening our Instagram to your questions on Mondays from 13:00-14:00 and Wednesday from 12:00-13:-00, so feel free to ask any questions you have during these times, and we will be sure to answer them the best we can.

❓ As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me at

And that’s it from me. Don’t work too hard, enjoy the little things and stay sane.

All the best for this new block!

On behalf of CIROS,

Ben B-Millington

CIROS Secretary

? Our Socials:

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