CIROS Newsletter – May 2021

The last block is in full swing, and summer is just teasingly close now. As restrictions slowly ease up, things are perhaps finally looking up again! I hope you have all been well, and perhaps with some of the wonderful things we have planned this month, things can get even better☀️

The last block is in full swing, and summer is just teasingly close now. As restrictions slowly ease up, things are perhaps finally looking up again!

I hope you have all been well, and perhaps with some of the wonderful things we have planned this month, things can get even better☀️

🆕 CIROS Board 2021-2022

After the recent Election GA and all of your votes, we are proud to present the new board for 2021-2022:

We are all looking forward to the next year, and can’t wait to get started with our work and (fingers crossed) being able to meet and hang out with you all!

Thank you once again to everyone who voted, and congratulations to the newly elected Board.

As you might notice, we aren’t 100% complete yet. We are still missing a second Internal Affairs Officer. We’ll be holding extra elections for this position further down the road, so keep an eye on our socials for more info on that!

💻 New Website

On the topic of new things, if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a brand new website with a brand new look and better performance than ever before! There, you can find everything you need to know about CIROS, our upcoming events, and much more.

Feel free to check it out at

And while you’re there, maybe check out our incredible CIROS merch!!

We still have a couple of limited edition tote bags in stock, get them while you still can👀

📅 What’s going on – Upcoming Events and Initiatives

The academic year may be almost done, but we are by no means done just yet. Here are just a few of the upcoming events we have planned:

🌳 Goodwill picnic – 03.05

Do you want to enjoy the weather in the company of open-minded people?

This sustainable picnic is your chance to meet new people, but also to learn more about how you can make your daily life, such as having a picnic, more sustainable. Sign up for this event here and meet the Goodwill Committee on May 3 at 12 pm in the Palestuin park.

⚖️ Career Talk with HE Judge Peter Tomka of the ICJ – 06.05

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has been one of the most discussed legal entities among students and professors in IRO. We, as IRO students, know a lot about how the ICJ functions and operates in the international system. But what is it like working at the ICJ? How do you end up making a career in the court? And what qualities and experiences may be useful?

His Excellency Judge Peter Tomka is a Slovak judge of the International Court of Justice and will discuss these questions with us. Prior to his election to the ICJ, he was the Slovak ambassador to the United Nations. Judge Tomka will discuss his career and professional background!

Location: Zoom Date: May 6th, 2021 Time: 17:30 – 18:30

Sign up for this event here!

🎤 Virtual Free Form Stage – 07.05

We miss live music as much as you do! That’s why we’re bringing back last year’s beloved Free Form Stage event – this time, we’re live streaming from @am.ciros on Instagram.

If you or anyone you know wants to perform from the comfort of your own home, sign up here!

Tune in on Friday 7th May at 17:00 for an exciting set of our very own IRO performers ✨

😋 Ramadan Iftar with a Stranger – 07.05

We hope you enjoyed our Stories that Stick: Ramadan Edition event! CIROS, the MENA Student Association, and SPIL are collaborating once more for the Ramadan Iftar with a Stranger event!

After signing up for the event, we will pair you up with two other participants with who you can share a meal after the sun sets —meaning that anyone who participates in Ramadan can break their fast.

You can register for this event hereRegistration closes on the 4th of May.

We are most definitely not the only ones still organizing events, here are a couple of events and initiatives that friends of CIROS are organizing this month:

📷 The Hague x Beirut Exhibition – 03.05

Our colleagues at The Hague Peace Projects are organizing this great event:

On the occasion of the opening of our ONLINE EXHIBITION #THxB, we will host a Gallery Opening Night! Join us on Monday (03.05) at 6 pm to discover the story of #TheHaguexBeirut, its components, and the team behind the project!

Learn more and sign up here!

📝 Relax & Speak Study – 10.05 —> 27.06

Dr. Femke Bakker of Leiden University is conducting research on the impact of relaxation on a person’s willingness and ability to speak their opinions freely. Here is what they would like to share with you:

“We are looking for students who are committed to participating in a 7-week study of Leiden University. The Relax and Speak Study aims to research the impact of relaxation and contemplation on the level at which participants feel comfortable to freely express their opinions and thoughts. Through a tailored 7-week long online course taught by professionals over 6 weekly sessions, this study will provide an introspective analysis on how the practice and study of relaxation and contemplation can encourage people to feel more open to express themselves in public settings. You can have the chance to be the first to take this professional course, become an integral part of this foundational pilot project, and even make some money on the side by applying to be selected as a participant.

If admitted, you will play a crucial role in cutting-edge research by doing a simple daily task and attending a weekly online seminar. As long as you complete a minimum of 40 out of 49 daily tasks, and attend 4 out of 6 sessions you can earn up to 100 euro upon completion. Additionally, if you attend at least 5 sessions, you will even receive a course completion certificate. The study will run from 10 May to 27 June 2021.

Would you like a break from the stress of university studies to professionally learn more about relaxation and earn some money on the side? Then register for the opportunity to be selected as a participant using this link below! We highly encourage you to share this link among other fellow students who would also be interested in taking part in this exciting study. We will be selecting participants on a rolling basis starting today so we are looking forward to receiving your applications soon!”

If you are interested, you can apply to the study here.

⚡ Case Competition – Energy Transition in the Netherlands

The lovely people at the Centre for Sustainability are organizing a competition around the theme of Energy Transition in the Netherlands and are looking for competitors!

Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to help accelerate the Energy Transition in the Netherlands? Then join other motivated students of TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University, and more and take part in a 5-week Case Competition. Discover solutions to real-life cases with students from many different programs and work closely with industry-leading professionals and Regional Energy Strategy Centers in the Netherlands!

Duration: 6 weeks
Kick-off: 3rd of May
Final presentations: Week 23 (7-13 June, date + time TBA)

If you are interested, you can sign up here

📣 Updates and Announcements:

🎉 A long-awaited return to Uni

In line with recent changes to government regulations, Leiden University will be offering in-person classes and workgroups again!

Unfortunately, this does not apply to all classes, and only if your class or WG is eligible will you have received further instructions via email.

😷 COVID-19 Measures

Finally, after no changes for months, we have more freedom!!

From the 28th of April, the following rules are in place:

  • No more curfew!
  • You may now have two guests at home, instead of the previous limit of 1
  • Cafes and restaurants are allowed to open terraces from 12 – 6 pm (now we just need the weather to cooperate🙄)
  • Shops and Markets can open without reservations
    • Although do check before you go, some stores are keeping the reservation system in place

Obviously still take care and stay safe, but also enjoy these new freedoms and more relaxed measures!

Click here for a complete overview of all current COVID-19 rules.

📱 Office Hours

Office hours are, as always, on our Instagram on Mondays from 13:00-14:00 and Wednesday from 12:00-13:-00. Feel free to ask any questions you have during these times, and we will be sure to answer them the best we can.

❓ As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me at

On behalf of CIROS,

Ben B-Millington

CIROS Secretary

📱 Our Socials:

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