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African Politics Club

Head: Rik de Waard

Contact: academic-africanpolitics@cirosthehague.com

AM/ FM Radio Club

Head: Elena Nguyen

Contact: am-fmclub@cirosthehague.com

Board Game Club

Head: Petra Massaro

Contact: board-gameclub@cirosthehague.com

Debate Club

Head: Vojteck Hladík

Contact: academic-debateclub@cirosthehague.com

Fair Fashion Club

Head: Joana Preyre

Contact: goodwill-fairfashion@cirosthehague.com

Film Club

Head: Virginia Noacco

Contact: am-filmclub@cirosthehague.com

Latin America Club

Head: Mikaela de Smedt

Contact: regional-latinamericaclub@cirosthehague.com

“The Latin American club seeks to be a space where Latin American culture, politics and current events can be explored beyond the IRO curriculum. Here we can support each other to develop events, content and activities based on our mutual interest, catering to anyone who feels connected, excited or intrigued by the region.”

Literature Club

Head: Melanie Coenraad

Contact: am-literatureclub@cirosthehague.com

Mediterranean & Middle East Club

Heads: Feride Ozer & Mathilda Minakova

Contact: regional.med-me@cirosthehague.com

“The Mediterranean & Middle East Club is the newest addition to the regional clubs! Together, we would like to learn about and share with you the beautiful cultures of these regions, through different events such as cooking workshops, dance lessons, borrels, and so on. Anyone with an interest in these regions is welcome to join!”

Photography Club

This club is looking for a head! Please indicate on the form if you would be willing to take up this role!

Contact: am-photographyclub@cirosthehague.com

Readcycle Club

Head: Jada Henkel

Contact: readcycle@cirosthehague.com

Southeast & South Asia Club

Head: Ranjika Basu Majumdar

Contact: regional-sesa@cirosthehague.com

“The Southeast and South Asia (SESA) Forum is a regional club of CIROS that aims to promote awareness about the region by organizing student-led activities of academic, social, and cultural significance. Anyone who is interested in the region’s politics and culture is welcome to join SESA Forum. We organize pub quizzes, festivals, cultural and academic events such as webinars, and discussions to facilitate more interaction with the area’s politics through faculties of the study program.”

Theatre Club

This club is looking for a head! Please indicate on the form if you would be willing to take up this role!

Contact: am-theatreclub@cirosthehague.com

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