Our Committees

Academic Committee

In an age, in which matters of diversity and inclusion have gained global dimensions, the Academic Committee’s mission is to profit from our diverse body of students, and from the privileged socio-political environment in the Hague, in order to expand the traditional academic environment of the classroom. In doing so, we hope to not only add to the knowledge gained from our courses but also to promote reflection and questioning over our somewhat solidified personal visions of the world. As such, we organize both events to engage students with their colleagues (such as our Middle Ground debates), but also with experts and diplomats (such as our panel debates). All these different backgrounds and perspectives allow not only the Committee, but also CIROS, to give students far away from ‘home’ a sense of community. 

CIROS does not shy away from hard topics. While holding a neutral position, we have organized even a panel debate on the Kashmir conflict between representatives of India and Pakistan. Apart from that, we have also promoted visits to the International Criminal Court (ICC), and Embassies, and, ‘Stories that stick’ and Breaking Borders evenings.

– João Vitor Souza, Academic Committee Head

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Arts & Media Committee

The Arts and Media Committee aims to offer all students the opportunity to present and engage with each others’ creativity. From digital media, to artivism, to monthly playlists curated by and for students, we hope to provide an inclusive platform for all talents to be showcased and celebrated. Students can perform music as part of the ongoing Free Form Stage project, or join us at arts-and-crafts evenings, as well as a myriad of other activities throughout the year – all organised and hosted by a team of creatively-minded individuals. In the last year we have also launched an Instagram page for students to easily access content from our events and projects, as well as the AM.FM webradio.

Follow us on @am.ciros to see what we have to offer!

– Amy Carson, Arts & Media Committee Head

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First Year Committee

The First Years Committee is a space for helping out the IRO community. As a commissioner you will be working hand in hand as a team on organising events and creating the ultimate university experience for first years. Here you will get to know more people and will engage with other IRO students.

Our general goal is to provide a space to meet, to share and to have fun. We are looking for enthusiastic people, that are passionate to meet other students and are able to be committed and creative. Through this committee you will not only help others, but you will also create a place for connections among the IRO community.

– Marta Gallego Garcia, First Year Committee Head

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Goodwill Committee

We, the CIROS Goodwill Committee, are committed to our two pillars: sustainability and charity. More precisely, within the first pillar we seek to raise awareness among our fellow students for the importance of preserving our environment. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, learn how to minimize your plastic consumption, or discover new vegetarian and vegan meals, our workshops and blog provide inspiration and information to build a more sustainable lifestyle on a student’s budget.

The second Goodwill pillar drives us to organize charitable events in order to raise funds, promote community engagement, and give back to the beautiful city of The Hague. As such, we hosted our own performance of the Vagina Monologues, collaborated with the Red Cross, and surprised the Wijnhaven staff with eco-friendly Christmas gifts to show our gratitude for their work.

– Lara Schade, Goodwill Committee Head

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Graduation Committee

The Graduation Committee aims to make graduating from IRO a memorable experience. We do this by creating a Graduation Book together with the Public Relations Committee. This book is created by the graduating students, professors and institute to create a tangible memory of all the amazing people within the IRO community. Also, the Graduation Committee currently works closely together with the Institute to establish the programme of the ceremony in October. Unfortuntately the current circumstances do not allow us to organise a graduation party, but we will try our best to make the graduation one to remember. The Graduation Committee is the only committee that opens applications in December and enters into office for a year from January onwards.

– Hanna van Vuuren, Graduation Committee Head

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Public Relations Committee

The PR Committee is in charge of all the social media and communication platforms within CIROS, as well as the image of the organization. As a commissioner of the PR Committee you will be working closely with CIROS communication platforms, as well as with design tasks and photography events.

Being part of the PR Committee is an amazing opportunity to show your creative skills, or even learn how to use design softwares. This committee is looking for creative, open-minded and responsible people, who can also work as a team. You will not only learn new skills, but you will also have the opportunity to show all your ideas through new ways of promoting events and develop projects.

– Florencia Testa, PR Committee Head

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Regional Committee

The Regional Committee was created to take advantage of Wijnhaven’s diverse student body. Our aim is to inspire students to look beyond the borders of their own culture, language, and nationality and learn about other regions of the world through our engaging and informative events. Each club acts as a gateway to a region’s shared history and cultural heritage, in which both similarities and differences are celebrated. Students from within as well as outside the region will collaborate to plan and execute events for the benefit the entire student body. These events will range from group discussions on sociopolitical issues to celebrations of holidays, and from guest lectures to movie screenings.

– Committee Head: Maria Vasquez

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Social Committee

The aim of the CIROS Social Committee is to organise and facilitate social and community based events to bring the CIROS community together in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The Social Committee holds many different types of events from borrels to parties, karaoke and Quiz nights. The Social Committee aims to ensure CIROS members are given the platform to make new friends, experience new adventures and have fun in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

The COVID-19 pandemic will not stop the Social Committee, as online based events will also be running. Whether it’s at home, in a bar or on campus the CIROS Social Committee will ensure the CIROS community has the freedom to be together as one in a social setting.” 

– Niamh O’Driscoll, Social Committee Head

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Sports and Physical Health Committee

Welcome to the CIROS Sports and Physical Health Committee! Our aim is to provide our community with a chance to lead a healthy, active lifestyle alongside their academics. Whether you prefer group sports such as football or basketball, or whether you’re more of a yogi or dancer, you will surely have a chance to get moving at one of our events! This year, we will also be placing an emphasis on topics such as nutrition, recovery/rehabilitation and the importance of exercise for improved studying, to really give the IRO community a healthy university lifestyle.

Stay tuned for events such as sports tournaments, live-streamed workouts, seminars, dancing days and so much more! We can’t wait to see you all soon and get moving!

– Chloe Hjiantoniou, Sports and Physical Health Committee Head

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Student Support Committee

The student support committee aims to create a space for student development. We understand how difficult university can be in all aspects, not just academically. The committee is here to offer a helping hand to students, there is always help available and asking for help is always ok. Our main priority is to create a bridge between the students and staff members. We organize events throughout the year to aid student wellbeing and create a community for students. Our biggest event of the year is Mental Health Month where we are available to make sure your wellbeing is a priority. During this month we will be hosting different kinds of events from sport activities to drop in workshops. However, we are available throughout the year, with different projects and programes such as study groups, creating student/teacher videos of varying themes, and hosting the crisis cafe. To facilitate your needs when you need us.

We look forward to meeting you and making your university experience as smooth as possible.

– Kendra Parry, Student Support Committee Head

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