Our Committees

Meet our CIROS Committees for 2022/23!

Academic Committee

Committee Head: Maja

Nowadays the free flow of information and experiences through different channels gives us the feeling that we are connected to what’s happening in practically the whole world. However, it is worthwhile to reflect on the ways in which we connect to global topics – and also question how global they are, and how flexible our understanding of them is.

The Academic Committee has, over the years, connected students to a variety of topics through different event formats. This year’s goal is to keep growing on that, to expand the creation of spaces where students can engage to topics that are part of our study, and also those that are somewhat neglected by, and yet incredibly related to, our program.

We hope to achieve this by bringing to the IRO community events that are more classically top-down in their approach, like panels and workshops; and also more horizontal events where students can express themselves and learn from each other, like debates and discussions. But mainly, we hope to create these events along with the community – with your support, your participation, your feedback.

Arts and Media Committee

Committee Head: Virginia

Art is a powerful tool: it wakes us up to the world around us, yet it also allows us to dream. The Arts & Media Committee strives to use the power of art to inspire and unite, to entertain and educate.

Our mission is to create a warm and safe space for students to explore their own creativity, showcasing and celebrating all talents. We provide students an outlet for creation and inspiration, to ultimately arrive at a greater understanding of themselves and society. Our activities are multipurpose and diverse: using art as a tool for social awareness and activism, or simply as a way to take a breather from rigid university life.

Students are welcome to showcase their talents at our open mic nights, poetry slams, photography exhibition, or to join our creative workshops. Our clubs are also open to the passionate and the curious minds: Film Club, Photography Club, Radio Club, Literature Club, Theatre Club.

First Years Committee

Committee Head: Basia

The First Years Committee is made up of a group of individuals that work with the aim of helping the first year students adapt and feel welcomed in the IRO programme as they enter a new chapter of their lives.

Our goal is to accommodate those students and provide them with experiences and events to support them through this transition: both academically and socially. Our team organises events to boost engagement in the IRO community and provide a space to form connections.

Our events include study sessions, buddy networks, workshops with Alumni students, visits around the city; all with the mission to assist you and give you the possibility to connect in our CIROS society.

Goodwill Committee

Committee Head: Erin

The Goodwill Committee is committed to two pillars: sustainability and charity. We are passionate about these topics and strive to create change for the better.

For the first pillar, sustainability, we seek to raise awareness on environmental issues and the climate crisis. To this purpose, we organise events that teach students to lower their carbon footprint, but also focus on the importance of system-level change. For instance, we host workshops on how to repair your clothes as well as guest lectures on topics such as climate justice.

Within the pillar of charity, we aim to improve the lives of individuals less privileged than us, collecting donations or hosting talks about issues such as period poverty. To highlight the intersections of sustainability and charity, many of our events also combine the topics.

Graduation Committee

Committee Head: Talisa


PR Secretariat

Committee Head: Alejandra

The PR Committee is responsible for promoting all of CIROS’ wonderful events and with shaping the image of the organization. It is in charge of the social media platforms and also takes care of photography at events.

The committee aims to give everyone a positive feeling about CIROS and its events. As a commissioner of the PR Committee, you are working at the heart of CIROS: the committee communicates with all other committees to promote their events. Being part of the PR Committee enables you to let your creative side shine while working in a close team. The PR Committee hosts one of CIROS’ newest projects: the CIROS magazine. PR commissioners will try to capture the IRO community in this magazine and provide all members with a forum to express themselves.

Regional Committee

Committee Head: Rodrigo

The Regional Committee’s aim is to celebrate all the different cultures that can be found within the IRO student body. We strive to organise events that allow students to learn about regional differences, such as politics, stereotypes, and values, as well as to enjoy each other’s cultures, traditions, and festivities. Just like how the world consists of countless different cultures, the possibilities within the Regional Committee are virtually endless.

Furthermore, the Regional Clubs make up smaller communities within the Committee, open to anyone with a particular interest in a specific region. Ultimately, the Regional Committee hopes to foster and further strengthen a community of students that celebrates not only their differences but also their similarities.

Social Committee

Committee Head: Jackie

CIROS social committee aims to organise social and community-based events in a fun, inclusive and a safe environment. The social committee organises many different types of events from game nights, borrels, pub quizzes to parties.

The social committee strives to be a socially conscious committee, considering the needs, wants and interests of everyone in the CIROS community, so that everyone feels included, safe and considered when participating.

Sports & Physical Health Committee

Committee Head: Blanca

The Sports & Physical Health Committee exists to help you be your best self during your time as a student. Whether you enjoy practicing sports alone or in a team, like cooking and eating healthily, or discussing the position of sports and physical health in society, we will have an event for you! We want to provide an environment in which students can participate in a relaxed and social manner. After all, we all have to start somewhere!

We hope to see you at one of our talks, sports days, seminars, or one of our other events this year!

Student Support Committee

Committee Head: Malte

The Student Support Committee is focussed on improving students’ wellbeing in all sorts of ways. The committee is here to offer a helping hand to students, and to find creative ways in which CIROS can be of service to the student community.

We do this by providing support in two ways: personal and university-related. The personal approach includes, for example, events relating to mental health and getting settled in The Hague. Examples of university-related projects are study groups, career events and book sales. Our biggest event of the year is Mental Health Month where we make sure your wellbeing is a priority. During this month we will be hosting many different kinds of events from sport activities to movie nights to seminars, all within the theme of mental health. The rest of the year, we organise events such as study groups, career events of varying themes, and the chatty cafe.

We look forward to meeting you and making your student life as memorable as possible!

Trips Committee

Committee Head: Zsombor