The Southeast and South Asia (SESA) Forum is a regional club of CIROS that aims to promote awareness about the region by organising student-led activities of academic, and social and cultural significance. Anyone who is interested in the region’s politics and culture is welcome to join SESA Forum. We organise pub quiz, festivals, cultural and academic events such as webinars, and discussions to facilitate more interaction with the area’s politics through faculties of the study programme.

In its first year (2019-2020), SESA Forum was launched with Diwali (an Indian festival) celebrations and a Pub Quiz. Several other events were planned but were halted due to the ongoing pandemic. We hope to receive applications from all regions as we are aiming to promote the SESA Forum as diverse as possible. In the coming year, we hope to organize online events on current topics of discussion to create an intellectually enriching and fun experience for everyone!

Club Head: Umang Sodhi